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Ok, so how does it effect the entropy of the structures? The red
house, the white house, and the mixed house (even if an interesting
pattern is made in the bricks), all behave in a physically identical
way, do they not?
No they don't.  They reflect photons differently; which is why you could use 
the pattern
to send a message.
True, although it's only relevant if you have photons to reflect. If I
turn out the lights (completely) does that change the entropy of the
red house? What if I turn the lights back on, has entropy been
suddenly reduced? Would a brighter light put more information or less
entropy onto the white house than the red house, ie, does the pattern
cost something in photons?


I'm just curious, not trying to argue with you about it. On a similar
note, I was wondering about heat loss in a vacuum today. With the
second law of thermodynamics, it seems like heat could only dissipate
by heating something else up. If there was nothing in the universe
except a blob of molten nickel, would it cool off over time in an
infinite vacuum? It seems like it wouldn't. It seems like you would
need some other matter at a different temperature to seek a common
equilibrium with. Or is the heat just lost over time no matter what?

The heat would be lost by infrared radiation.


There seems to be a lot of confusion about information as defined by Shannon.  
information is relative to the uncertainty in a message.  So it depends on how 
you define
the possible messages.  If different patterns of red and white legos constitute 
possible messages, then you can measure the information capacity of this 
message system by
Shannon's formula.  It's *not* the measure of some particular message - it's 
the measure
of the *capacity* of the message system.
That makes more sense. As long as the possibility of messages is
subjective, I don't have a problem with it. It's when information is
treated as an objective entity that I vote no,


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