On 04.02.2012 21:05 meekerdb said the following:
> On 2/4/2012 9:09 AM, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


>> As for computers having emotions, I am a practitioner and I am
>> working right now closely with engineers. I should say that the
>> modern market would love electronics with emotions. Just imagine
>> such a slogan
>> Smartphone with Emotions* (*scientifically proved)
>> It would be a killer application.
> So if you miss a turn your driving direction app will get mad and
> scold you? I you use your calculator to find the square root of 121
> it will mock you for forgetting your 8th grade mathematics? Emotions
> imply having values and being able to act on them -- why would you
> want your computer to have it's own values and act on them? Don't you
> want it to just have the values you have, i.e. answer the questions
> you ask?
> Brent

You should talk with marketing guys. A quick search reveals that this is already a reality

Hercules Dualpix Emotion Webcam

There is also a term emotional AI that is discussed by game makers.

Yet, I do not get your point in general. For example recently there was an article in Die Zeit

Die Roboter kommen (Robots are coming)

Among other things, they discuss an issue of a potential collision between a moving robot and a human being. To this end, there is experimental study to research on what pain in what part of a body can a human being sustain. This experimental database will be used by engineering developing robots.

Pain is not exactly emotion but I guess it is not that far away. This shows that pain could be experimentally researched by people. Could it be experimentally researched by computers and robots?

On the other hand, engineers design computers and robots. Can science give engineers guidelines to control emotions by computers or robots? Or emotions are some kind of emergent phenomena that will appear in computers and robots independently and uncontrollable from engineers?

Finally, if you already has discovered emotions among computers, why then it is impossible to research this effect on how it has emerged independent from engineers?


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