On 2/22/2012 14:49, Terren Suydam wrote:
However I don't understand how Mary could have anything but a single
continuation given the determinism of the sim. How could a
counterfactual arise in this thought experiment? Can you give a
"concrete" example?
Mary's brain/SIM implementation is deterministic. We would associate her 1p with all machines that happen to implement Mary's current state at the substitution level chosen. If Mary is lucky(or not), she might find herself in your digital physics VR simulation, thus your observation and inference of the 3p simulation would match Mary's 1p in that simulation. However, consider that in the UD, there would be many implementations for Mary's mind at that substitution level, some including that environment you chose for her. These implementations may be many times layered, for example, those implementing your physics and eventually you, and those implementing the physics, the simulation and eventually her. Now imagine your simulation has some irrelevant bit of functionality, let's say, an opcode RAND or some register 323, that bit of functionality was never used in Mary's implementation or of implementation of any underlying layers, it's "just there" in your implementation of the simulation. Mary's consciousness would never be changed by how you implemented RAND or r323, but let's say, she eventually decides to do a bit of programming in her simulation and uses that opcode and/or register by accident. What would happen? There can be many machines implementing (or even not implementing it at all) said opcode and/or register, however since Mary's own experience does not depend at all on it, all that part is indeterminate. Now instead of register 323 or RAND, make everything that Mary does not depend on and that is not inconsistent with her history as something subject to 1p invariancy in the UD - you'll find infinities of possible machines implementing Mary, even cases where the simulation is self-contained and completely disconnected from your physical world, running completely in the UD. Of course, I do wonder how stable such a VR reality would be - it might not be very high measure like our current quantum world where we have degrees of freedom like these everywhere (if MWI).

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