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With COMP it's all "inside your head" so I don't see the problem.

That IS the problem.  Since they are both "inside your head" why is
dreaming so different from being awake.

I don't see how the answer would be any different from how one would
naively respond: That's just the way things *are *when your brain is in
those atypical states.

I agree with Brent that there is a problem here. What distinguishes
what's "inside the head" from what's "outside" is that in the outside
case, reality must be consistent with your existence as part of that
reality, aka the Anthropic Principle. Dreams do not seem to have this
requirement - except perhaps in the case of lucid dreams.

Idealistic theories, such as COMP do have trouble with the AP. I
discuss this in my book, but it remains an open problem IMHO.

Yes. Comp is many problems, not a solution. But it makes the problems precisely formulable, and it gives the (non-aristotelian) shape of reality if a solution of those problems exist. Indeed the problems might even happen to have solutions contradicting the empirical knowledge, in which case we are refuting it. It is the whole point: comp leads to a very precise, non aristotelian, toe.



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