On 08.04.2012 21:32 Bruno Marchal said the following:


This is well illustrated in this (one hour) BBC broadcast, featuring
Marcus de Sautoy (who wrote a nice book on the "music of the primes").
(thanks to the salvianaut linking to this in a salvia forum)


Despite being mathematicians, de Sautoy still believes he is flesh and
bones, and that consciousness is neuronal activity. His reasoning are
valid, but uses implicitly both mechanism and the aristotelian
conception of reality. That can't work (cf UDA).


I believe that now I understand what physicalism is. What would you recommend to read about mechanism? Something like this SEP paper about physicalism


As for movie, they mix everything up, for they presume that consciousness starts at the self level. This is why I like Gray's book where he distinguish between three different conscious processes.

1) Reconstruction of the external world.
2) Feelings.
3) Cognitive conscious experiences.

The third points adds nothing to the first two, hence he ignores it in his book.


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