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> You create the reason to act for many reasons, but you may not be
> determined by any one of them

So the reason you acted was the reason you created but that is not one of
the many reasons you acted. Well I'm glad you cleared that up and made
everything crystal clear, for a second there I almost thought you were

> >Your preference can count as much as any other consideration.

You did X rather than Y because you preferred X, and you preferred X for a
reason OR  you preferred X for no reason, there is no third alternative.

>> Bullshit.
> >That isn't a rebuttal.

But it's the gospel truth nevertheless.

> > I have no system for writing these words.

Not entirely true. Judging strictly from a semantic viewpoint you have a
point, it does seem close to random; but you do follow most of the laws of
English grammar and spelling so there is some system.

> I am writing them in real time based on nothing whatsoever other than
> what makes sense to me at the moment.

So if somebody asks you, as I have done many times, "why did you write
that" you have a answer for them, perhaps not a good answer, I certainly
don't think they were good answers, but at least you had a answer, a
reason, for writing what you did. If you had said "I had absolutely no
reason for writing what I did, I just wrote it" then you would be admitting
that what you wrote was unintelligent gibberish and conceding the

> A Yellow traffic light is not Go and it isn't Stop, but doesn't mean
> 'don't stop' or 'don't go' either.

The meaning of a yellow light changes according to culture and circumstance
and is not inherent in the light itself, but everybody agrees that a yellow
traffic light is a traffic signal that is yellow, and everybody agrees that
a light, any light at all, is either yellow or it is not yellow, there is
no third alternative. A action itself is independent of culture, it either
happened or it didn't happen and if it did happen it happened for a reason
or it happen for no reason, there is no third alternative. In English the
word for things that happen for no reason is "random".

  John K Clark

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