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> Who is it other than you that claims that the proposition that all
> possible things are either random or determined is true

Anyone with half a brain or anyone who has spent 2 minutes thinking what it
means to be random!

> by virtue of it being a 'standard use of language'?

By virtue of the standard use of logic.

> Sure you have reasons, but they are *your* reasons. You reasoned them
> into existence yourself. You are ultimately responsible for choosing which
> of those sets of reasons you prefer to privilege and elevate to the level
> of expressions and actions.

And you had a reason to act on that set of reasons rather than some other
set of reasons OR you did NOT have a reason to act on that set of reasons
rather than some other set of reasons. There is no third alternative.

> Random is that which is determined

And white is that which is black.

> randomly.

Now you're saying random is random, well that's a improvement, at least now
you're correct.

> everything internally appears to be some combination of free will and
> conditioning.

Cannot comment, don't know what ASCII string "free will" means.

> Why is random without a cause?

Because my dictionary says "random" means "made done or chosen without
method"  and "method" means "a procedure to do something systematically"
and if the thing has no cause it can't be done systematically.

> It just has a random cause,

I guess a random cause is like a big little or a fast slow.

> Free will is not determined *for* us, free will is determined *by* us.

 Cannot comment, don't know what ASCII string "free will" means.

> your edict that all things must either be determined (by causes other
> than our own will) or random.

Unlike "free will" the word "will" actually means something, what I want to
do. I am determined by my will and my will is determined by other things.

> Critical thinking can be an obstacle to understanding consciousness

And there we have it, you believe in truthiness, it's better if you don't
think too hard about something. BULLSHIT!

  John K Clark

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