On Wed, Apr 25, 2012  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

>>  It's standard use of language that if something is not determined it is
> random.

> I have never heard of that in my life.

YOU HAVEN'T??!!! Good God man it's time you got out more and get educated,
or at least allow yourself 5 minutes to sit down and do nothing but think.

> Did you say that because you had no choice or was it random?

I can't speak for him but when I say something I say it for a reason and
when I do something that others don't understand and they ask me "why did
you do that?" I have a answer for them.  The day I start saying things for
no reason is the day I run to the doctor for fear I'm having a stroke or
some sort of epileptic seizure.

> Random is determined [...]

That is ridiculous. If it's determined then it's not random and if it's not
random then it's determined.

> [...] randomly.

Ah now I see, you hold the rather uncontroversial view that random means
random. Well I can't disagree with you about that but I think there may be
more useful definitions, like random is a event without a cause.

> >Free will is determined intentionally.

So now you're back to thinking "free will" is determined. Remind me again
what we're arguing about.

> Word games.

No not word games, it's called critical thinking.

> The criminal justice system is designed to do one thing only: assess
> guilt, ie degree of intentionality in a criminal act, and punish
> accordingly.

The criminal justice system was designed by attorneys and judges who were
almost as mesmerized, confused and distracted by the noise "free will" as
you are, and that's why the criminal justice system is such a inconsistent
chaotic mess.

> Without free will, we are all sleepwalkers.

Cannot comment, don't know what ASCII string "free will" means.

>  we are able to choose what our behavior will be.

Yes, and you made that choice for a reason or you did not make that choice
for a reason, there is no third alternative.

  John K Clark

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