On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

 > you seem to believe only in the post 523 occidental vocabulary.

Yeah, I can't tell you the number of times that darned post 523 occidental
vocabulary of mine has gotten me into big trouble. I'm thinking of joining
Post Occidental Vocabulary Anonymous and their 523 step program, or some
similar self help organization.

> God is the pointer to our ignorance.

So first God is a omnipotent omniscient omnipresent being that created the
universe but He got laid off from that position so He became just something
more powerful than ourselves, and then things got even worse for the poor
Old One and now He's just our ignorance. In spite of this ridiculous
situation you still believe the word "G-O-D" should not be retired and can
still be used unambiguously to help us understand the deepest workings of
the universe; and you actually think theology, the study of that 3 letter
word, is not a joke.

> > Free will is will

So free will is will that is free, well I'm glad you cleared that up.

> and responsibility

Responsibility is a function of how much a third party believes you should
be rewarded or punished for your actions, subjectivity is involved but not
your subjectivity because your responsibility is determined by others and
not by you.

> >> And so God, a omnipotent omniscient being who created the universe,
>> suddenly gets demoted and becomes just another yellow bulldozer and
>> theology, the study of bulldozers, degenerates into diesel engine repair.
> > I don't believe in your notion of God.

HERESY! You have sinned against the great and powerful Bulldozer God! If
God is just something more powerful than yourself I don't understand the
reason for your disbelief unless you imagine yourself more powerful than a
mighty bulldozer.

> we can prove the existence of many alternative to machine.

Yes, just show them a roulette wheel.

> To deny the field theology today makes physics into a theology

So you believe physics is just glorified diesel engine repair, well that's
a honorable profession, I can certainly think of worst things.

  John K Clark


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