On 7/28/2012 9:46 AM, John Clark wrote:

    > It is relatively random in the first person perspective, like the first 

So all you're saying is that in this thing you like to call "first person indeterminacy" the outcome of the simple multiplication problem 74* 836 is indeterminate until you finish the calculation. Well it's not deep but at least its true that you don't know what the result of a calculation will be until you finish the calculation.

Is it just the uncertainty due to computational time (which is what I.J. Good seems to mean) in consciousness, or is it uncertainty due to unconscious processes which may spring into consciousness and change your (conscious) mind about which action to take? When Bruno talks about 3p certainty, I assume he refers to a comprehensive knowledge of the physical state, including the low level brain processes; so that in principle the subconscious as well as conscious conclusions could be predicted from the 3p point of view.


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