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> Is it just the uncertainty due to computational time (which is what I.J.
> Good seems to mean) in consciousness, or is it uncertainty due to
> unconscious processes which may spring into consciousness and change your
> (conscious) mind about which action to take?

For purposes of this discussion I don't see how the answer to your question
makes any difference. Unconscious processes just like conscious ones happen
for a reason, in which case they are deterministic, or they happen for no
reason, in which case they are random. How the noise "free will" produced
in the oral cavity of some members of a species called Homo sapiens is
supposed to fit into all this I have no idea. I've long since given up on
figuring out if people have "free will" or not and now have a more modest
goal, I just want to know what the hell the term means; and nobody can tell

  John K Clark

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