On 8/6/2012 10:37 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
[SPK] At what level (relative) is the material hypostases?
This is ambiguous. The material hypostases (Bp & Dt) defines the (high) level where machines (the person incarnated by the machine) can make the observations. But it is preferable to extracts all those answer by yourself, for all what I say here needs to be extracted to get the UDA step by step.

Dear Bruno,

OK, we seem to be in agreement on this. At the "high level" there is a meaningful notion of observations (and naming as I have discussed in previous posts) but never at the primitive level. My point is that this meaningfulness vanished anywhere outside of this high level. We cannot pull back the meaning of a term when and if we pull back the term to the primitive level, because doing so, as you discuss in step 8, severs the connection that carries the relations that define the unique name that occurs at the high level. This is the problem of epiphenomena of immaterialism.



"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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