On 8/3/2012 3:57 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Stephen and Bruno:
enjoyable reading. About that darn "intelligence"?

Dear John,

Intelligence is a hard one! What might be intelligent by one measure is bone-headed stupidity for another. Maybe it is an n-th order effect...

I have my roots in Latin so my take is "inter-lego" - to READ between the lines (or words).

Right, this means that it is context dependent, thus forever removing it from the domain of universals and global measures.

I add some (believed) points to it: we like to go to the utmost of our 'knowledge - base' with (intelligent-ha ha) thinking and HAVE (hopefully) a chance to "shave off" that borderline towards a bit more. This comes in with 'creativity' as well.

Mhm, creativity, novelty and so forth are deeply non-recursively enumerable. They can never be accurately anticipated. BTW, this is why all forms of futurism are inevitably wrong. It is impossible to foresee the effects of future innovation. But novelty and innovation can most certainly be suppressed by present tense decisions.

So "OUR" (whomever Bruno allows to include for 'us') - not machine - intelligence goes "a bit" beyond the hardware, whatever we postulate for such. (A reason why I deny/ at least doubt/ some "artificial intelligence": we cannot 'program' or even 'read' beyond the limitations of our existing knowledge).

I prefer the term "organism" to "machine" for this exact reason. Machines are laden with the preconception of perfect predicability, thus when they happen to behave in novel ways it is a surprise to even be feared.

Sorry, Bruno, in my (believed!) infinite complexity I must go beyond any 'machine' pattern and if you just include it into your 'universal' qualia I will not call it a 'machine'. But**this is a 'naming question". Semantics? */Description/* vs The */Thing/* Itself (if we allow such).

That is the fundamental duality that Plato tried so desperately to wrestle with. I think he did well with the "Divided Line" concept, but his wisdom has been so distorted to be almost the antithesis of what it was established to be.

With omniscience there is no intelligence. (J. Mikes)





"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."
~ Francis Bacon

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