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  > I call this the "nothing but" fallacy

There is indeed a "nothing but" fallacy, such as:
"a computer can't be conscious because when you look at it at a close
enough level you find "nothing but" a bunch of zeros and ones".

> It is the bread and butter of atheists critics of religion.

But atheism is not that fallacy. I will become a believer the instant
religion can explain something, anything, that science can not.

> critics of the near death experience sometimes explain away the near
> death experience as due to some chemical that the brain exudes as death
> nears.

The trouble with near death experiences is that they are NEAR death. When
somebody comes back after being dead and buried for 10 years then I'd be
interested in what they have to say.

> if the near death esperience is real I would be surprised if there
> WEREN'T a physical correlate.

And I would be surprised if lack of oxygen (or the excess of carbon
dioxide) in the brain didn't sometimes produce hallucinations; and more
common than the tunnel with a light at the end bit is sexual arousal,
that's why the dangerous sport of Auto-erotic Asphyxia is so popular in
certain quarters.

 John K Clark

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