On 9/18/2012 10:31 AM, Jason Resch wrote:
No it is absolutely necessary. If you had no knowledge regarding what you were seeing, no qualia at all, you would be blind and dysfunctional.

You might cite blund sighr as a counter example, but actually i think it is evidence of modularity if mind. Those with blind sight appear to have a disconnect between the visual processing parts of their brain and others. For example, they may still have reflexes, like the ability to avoid obsticles or catch a thrown ball, but the language center of their brain is disconnected, and so the part of the brain that talks says it can't see.

I agree. But it raises a question about the woman who feels pain but doesn't care. Who is it that doesn't care? Obviously the conscious person who tells you they don't care. But is there another, inarticulate person who feels the pain? or does care?


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