On 9/27/2012 2:06 AM, meekerdb wrote:
I'll bet it can eat people too. Just so it can't reproduce (except it can).

Well we are one step closer, machines that can metabolize and feed themselves:


Oh my!

"The 4D/RCS is a framework in which sensors, sensor processing, databases,
computer models, and machine controls may be linked and operated such that the system behaves as if it were intelligent. It can provide a system with several types of intelligence (where intelligence is the ability to make an appropriate choice or
(1) Reactive intelligence based on an autonomic sense-act modality which is the ability of the system to make an appropriate choice in response to an immediate environmental stimulus (i.e., a threat or opportunity). Example: the vehicle moves
toward a vegetation sensed by optical image processing.
(2) Deliberative intelligence, which includes prediction and learning, which is based on world models, memory, planning, and task decomposition, and includes the ability to make appropriate choices for events that have not yet occurred but which are based on prior events. Example: the vehicle moves downhill in a dry area to search for wetter
terrain which would increase the probability of finding biomass for energy.
(3) Creative intelligence, which is based on learning and the ability to cognitively model and simulate and it is the ability to make appropriate choices about events which have not yet been experienced. Example: from a chance encounter with a dumpster, the vehicle learns that such entities are repositories of paper, cardboard, and other combustible materials, and develops tactics to exploit them as energy-rich
sources of fuel."

Let it mate with one of these <http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/sep/25/first-self-aware-robot-created/> and we are doomed! Nah, we are doomed anyway...




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