On 9/30/2012 8:34 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
Hi Bruno Marchal

I'm still trying to figure out how numbers and ideas fit
into Leibniz's metaphysics. Little is written about this issue,
so I have to rely on what Leibniz says otherwise about monads.

Previously I noted that numbers could not be monads because
monads constantly change. Another argument against numbers
being monads is that all monads must be attached to corporeal
bodies. So monads refer to objects in the (already) created world,
whose identities persist, while ideas and numbers are not
created objects.

While numbers and ideas cannot be monads, they have to
be are entities in the mind, feelings, and bodily aspects
of monads. For Leibniz refers to the "intellect" of human
monads.  And similarly, numbers and ideas must be used
in the "fictional" construction of matter-- in the bodily
aspect of material monads, as well as the construction
of our bodies and brains.
Dear Roger,

Bruno's idea is a form of "Pre-Established Hamony", in that the "truth" of the numbers is a pre-established ontological primitive.



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