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I have not met this argument before. I have comments interspersed.

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Kant's Refutation of (Problematic) Idealism

Problematic Idealism (Berkeley's idealism, not that of Leibniz) is the thesis that we cannot prove that objects outside us exist. This results directly from Descartes' proposition
that the only thing I cannot doubt is that I exist (solipsism).

If solipsism is true, it seems to raise the problem that we cannot prove that objects outside us exist . But Kant refutes this thesis by his observation that we cannot observe the passing of time (in itself inextended or nonphysical) unless there is some fixed inextended substrate on which to observe the change in time. Thus there must exist a fixed (only necessarily over a small duration of time) nonphysical substrate to reality. A similar conclusion can be made regarding

Here is an alternate account of that argument:


"Dicker provides a compelling initial representation of Kant's argument (Dicker 2004, 2008):

1) I am conscious of my own existence in time; that is, I am aware, and can be aware, that I have experiences that occur in a specific temporal order. (premise)


2) can be aware of having experiences that occur in a specific temporal order only if I perceive
      something permanent by reference to which I can determine their
      temporal order. (premise)
What motivates this premise?

I think it is implicitly assuming that experiences have no 'fuzz' in their duration, they are discrete like states of a Turing machine computation. I'd say we perceive temporal order by overlap between successive experiences. This is consistent with the idea that an experience is not just a state of a computation, but a bundle of states that constitute the same stream of consciousness.

    I agree.



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