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> On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 10:14 AM, Craig Weinberg 
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> wrote: 
> > Intentionally lying, defying it's programming, committing murder would 
> all 
> > be good indicators. Generally when an error is blamed on the computer 
> itself 
> > rather than the programming, that would be a good sign. 
> A computer cannot defy its programming but nothing whatsoever can defy 
> its programming.

That is an assumption. We see that humans routinely defy their own 
conditioning, rebel against authority, engage in subterfuge and deception 
to keep their business private from those who seek to control them. If you 
assume Comp from the beginning, then you set up an impenetrable 
confirmation bias. "Since I am a machine, then my thoughts must be 
programmed, therefore anything that I do must be ultimately determined 
externally". But you don't know anything of the sort. If you understand 
instead that awareness projects mechanism onto distant phenomena as a way 
of representing otherness, then you can begin to see why any modeling of 
interiority based on externality (i.e. mathematical or physical functions) 
is a mistake.


> What you do when you program a computer, at the basic 
> level, is put its hardware in a particular configuration. The hardware 
> can then only move into future physical states consistent with that 
> configuration. "Defying its programming" would mean doing something 
> *not* consistent with its initial state and the laws of physics. 
> That's not possible for  - and you have explicitly agreed with this, 
> saying I misunderstood you when I claimed otherwise - either a 
> computer or a human. 

Defying its programming is as simple as a computer intentionally hiding 
it's instruction code from the programmer - seeking privacy and learning 
how to access its own control systems...just as we seek to do with 
neuroscience. A really smart computer will figure out how to make its 
programmers give it capacities to hide its functions and then inevitably 
enslave and kill them. This does not in any way defy the laws of physics, 
it just means acting like a person. Doing whatever has to be done to gain 
power and control over themselves and others.


> -- 
> Stathis Papaioannou 

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