On 12/9/2012 12:08 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

This reminded me a bit of "The Presumptuous Philosopher" thought experiment:

It is the year 2100 and physicists have narrowed down the search for a theory of everything to only two remaining plausible candidate theories, T1 and T2 (using considerations from super-duper symmetry). According to T1 the world is very, very
    big but finite, and there are a total of a trillion trillion observers in  
    cosmos. According to T2, the world is very, very, very big but finite, and  
    are a trillion trillion trillion observers. The super-duper symmetry  
    seem to be roughly indifferent between these two theories. The  physicists 
    planning on carrying out a simple experiment that will falsify  one of the 
    Enter the presumptuous philosopher: "Hey guys, it is  completely 
unnecessary for you
    to do the experiment, because I can already show  to you that T2 is about a 
    times more likely to be true than T1  (whereupon the philosopher runs the 
God’s Coin
    Toss thought experiment and  explains Model 3)!"

    One suspects the Nobel Prize committee to be a bit hesitant about awarding 
    presumptuous philosopher the big one for this contribution.

Which is why the anthropic principle is useless until you have something else determine the ontology.


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