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> Hi Bruno Marchal
> My personal introspection will always have my personal
> memory as context, which a computer will not have.
> One can in fact say that I am my memory. My
> memory is the identity of my 1p and is what my 1p sees.
> This is perhaps the most serioous problem of comp.

Your memory survives destruction of your brain. A new brain is constructed
over time such that after months almost none of the matter in the original
brain remains in your body. The old brain is used as a template, and only a
rough template at that. So there is no theoretical obstacle to transferring
your mind from one collection of matter to another. The question is whether
the mind can be replicated in a different substrate. This has been
discussed here before and I think the answer is clearly (though not
intuitively) yes, provided that the new substrate is able to replicate the
3p observable behaviour of the brain.

Stathis Papaioannou

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