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        > Copenhagen said the choice is made by the experimenter and
        apparently Deutsch agrees with this because he thinks it's
        significant that his AI is conscious

    No Deutsch does not agree with this, I know because I've talked
    to him about it. In the many worlds interpretation neither
    choice nor consciousness nor mind in general have anything to do
    with the way the laws of physics work, however in order to
    devise a experiment that attempts to prove that Many Worlds
    makes better predictions than other interpretations where mind
    is important it is obviously necessary to incorporate mind into
    the experiment.

    Which agrees with my point that the experiment is only designed
    to test the Wigner theory that consciousness collapses the
    wave-function.  Rejecting Wigner's interpretation (which he
    dropped later anyway) is not the same as proving MWI.


Isn't that prove wrong any collapse explanations ?

No it just proves wrong theories that say the conscious knowledge of the quantum computer, which is not erased, collapses the wf. That's why I say I'd like to see the experimental setup or at least the theoretical Hamiltonian. Suppose the interference fringes are observed - then we say OK erasing the which-way, but keeping the some-way, information is possible. Suppose the interference fringes aren't observed - then we say it isn't really possible (with the given experiment anyway) to erase the which-way information and keep the some-way information. Although the AI doesn't know which-way, the information is 'out there' just like in the buckyball Young's slit experiment.

Hi Brent,

Wait... For the the hypothetical quantum computer, what plays the role of the environment (that is an effectively infinite heat reservoir) that the IR radiation of the buckyball's couples to such that they (at some temp) behave classically? Here are a couples of on-line articles:




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