On 11 Jan 2013, at 21:47, meekerdb wrote:

On 1/11/2013 10:31 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

What are its tenets that you believe on faith?

That there is something different from me.

But you have evidence for that - if you can figure out what is meant by "me".

I think you need faith to make data into evidence.

That would vitiate the concept of evidence. I'd say you only need a theory to make data into evidence which can count for or against the theory.

But for making data into evidence, you need to have faith in some theory, even if the data will refute some other theory. It might be unconscious theory used in the brain, and so it might be (and certainly is in most case) an unconscious faith (which is close to my suggestion for consciousness, following Helmholtz theory of perception). There is always implicit theories, and we always need to bet on a reality behind them, to be able to make interpretations.



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