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 The Seven Hermetic Principles
1. The Universe is something Intellectual.
2. As above, so below.
3. From potential to active existence.
4. Everything in the Universe can vibrate.
5. Everything in the Universe has its cause.
6. Everything in the Universe has its opposite.
7. The Universe has its own rhythm.

Hmm... This is already too much Aristotelian to fit with computationalism.

/ Hermes Trismegistus /
Can these Seven Hermetic Principles be explained
by physical laws and formulas ?

We have first to explain the physical laws appearances, and formula, in comp, and thus in arithmetic. See (*) for a concise explanation.


(*)  http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/publications/SANE2004MARCHALAbstract.html


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