The reasoning we can use to justify God's ways to man are identical to 
those we could use to justify the idea that Satan is actually the creator 
of the universe, and just uses the fiction of God to further torment and 
tyrannize man. If I were the Devil, I would dictate the bible exactly as it 
is, full of contradiction and irrelevant genealogy, sprinkled some profound 
wisdom and lurid violence.

But alas, the Bible is just a book pieced together from scraps and 
re-written over centuries. Shakespeare was a better writer. Billions of 
people will live their whole lives without ever reading it, and their lives 
will be no worse for the loss. The bible is creepy if you ask me. It is no 


On Friday, January 18, 2013 4:19:47 AM UTC-5, rclough wrote:
> A God-limited God - My Theodicy 
> A theodicy is a justification of God's ways to man. 
> This is my theodicy, based on the Bible and 
> reason. Comments appreciated. 
> Most of the so-called "contradictions" in the Bible, 
> such as a loving God lashing out at sinners, 
> practically committing genocide, or a loving God 
> allowing tsunamis to happen, or a loving God allowing 
> evil and suffering in this world, can be attributed 
> to a misunderstanding of God's true nature. 
> For reason, as well as the Bible, indicate that God has 
> willingly limited his possible actions in this world 
> to accord with his own pre-existing righteousness as well as 
> the pre-existing truths of necessary reason. 
> Thus that Christ had to die on the cross, instead of having the 
> sins of mankind simply forgiven by God, can be justified 
> by God's righteousness. That is, even God must obey   
> his own justice. 
> Similarly, God must obey the physics of his creation. 
> Physical disasters happen. God can't make 2+2 =5. 
> God lets the rain fall on the just as well as the unjust. 
> And God has given man free will, so that men can 
> do evil as well as good. 
> Although God has unlimited power in the kingdom of Heaven, 
> in this imperfect, contingent world he has had to limit his 
> powers of action. 
> - Roger Clough 

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