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What is a fundamentalist pathology ? And how does it apply to science ?

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On 1/21/2013 9:11 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote: 
It is only recently, as the limitations of the narrow Western approach are 
being revealed on a global scale, that science has fallen into a fundamentalist 
pathology which makes an enemy of teleology.

Yes, it is only the recently, since the Enlightenment, that science has 
displaced theology as the main source of knowledge about the world.  

This is non sense. Science is not domain. It points only to an attitude. 
Science cannot displace theology, like it cannot displace genetics. It can give 
evidence that some theological theories are wrong headed, or that some theories 
in genetics are not supported by facts, but science cannot eliminate any field 
of inquiry, or it becomes automatically a pseudo-religion itself (as it is the 
case for some scientists).

Coincidentally is only recently that the sin theory of disease was replaced by 
the germ theory...that the geocentric model of the solar system was replaced by 
the heliocentric...that insanity has been due to bad brain chemistry instead of 
possession by demons...that democracy has replaced the divine right of 
kings...that lightning rods have protected us from the wrath of God...that the 
suffering of women in childbirth has been alleviated...

OK. This shows that religion provides answer, and then the scientific attitude 
can lead to corrections, making those answers into abandoned theories. This 
really illustrates my point. Now some go farer and make "primary matter" the 
new God. that's OK in a treatise of metaphysics, when physicalism is explicitly 
assumed or discussed, but some scientists, notably when vindictive strong 
atheists I met, just mock the questions and imposes the physicalist answer like 
if that, an only that, was science. This is just deeply not scientific.



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