On Monday, January 21, 2013 4:20:16 PM UTC-5, Brent wrote:
>  On 1/21/2013 9:11 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote: 
> It is only recently, as the limitations of the narrow Western approach are 
> being revealed on a global scale, that science has fallen into a 
> fundamentalist pathology which makes an enemy of teleology.
> Yes, it is only the recently, since the Enlightenment, that science has 
> displaced theology as the main source of knowledge about the world.  
> Coincidentally is only recently that the sin theory of disease was replaced 
> by the germ theory...that the geocentric model of the solar system was 
> replaced by the heliocentric...that insanity has been due to bad brain 
> chemistry instead of possession by demons...that democracy has replaced the 
> divine right of kings...that lightning rods have protected us from the 
> wrath of God...that the suffering of women in childbirth has been 
> alleviated...

Those things were all brought about by thinkers and experimenters in the 
early part of the Enlightenment, who had a balanced cosmological view 
rooted in meaning and purpose, not by the extremism which has dominated 
science since the 1980s.  We seldom see such useful and realistic theories 
being produced today. Science has entered into it's corrupt twilight, 
pimping justifications for the highest bidder just as church indulgences 
were once offered. Then as now, these institutions are not without 
benefits, but failure to recognize their deterioration is not progress.


> There is no conflict between science and teleology - in fact science tries 
> to be predictive and so it the best tool for realizing a goal.
> Brent

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