It is impossible using particle accelerators to understand
god-particles and the ultimate truth of nature as physicists hope.
To create particle accelerators is needed reference frame of vacuum.
It means that physicists take vacuum as a reflector of  the real (!)
structure of nature: the space between billions and billions galaxies.

But on the other hand,  today's  physicists refuse to take vacuum
 T=0K as real fundament of Universe.
‘ It is true  . . . there is such a thing as absolute zero; we cannot
 reach temperatures below absolute zero not because we are not
sufficiently clever but because temperatures below absolute zero
 simple have no meaning.’
/ Book : ‘Dreams of a final theory’  Page 138.
By Steven Weinberg. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1979 /
Does one physicist hand know that the other hand makes?
( maybe without vacuum the CERN is good place for formula-I
 competition . . ? ! )

On Feb 5, 3:43 pm, "" <>
>   I think that it is possible to understand the universe
> using usual common logical thought.
> We need only understand in which zoo (reference frame )
> physicists found higgs-boson and 1000 its elementary brothers.
> socratus
> .

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