On Fri, Feb 08, 2013 at 07:31:06PM +1100, Kim Jones wrote:
> >  
> > Salvia, like Ketamine, (but quite less dangerous, and anti-addictive) has a 
> > dissociative effect which might illustrate the "Galois connection" between 
> > 1p-mind (consciousness) and its 3p local handlings (the 3p-brains). By 
> > making a peculiar dissociation at some place in the brain, one are left 
> > with the feeling that we are *less* than we are used to think, and that we 
> > are consequently in front of *more* possibilities. That "Galois connection" 
> > occurs in many place in math: less equations = more solutions, or less 
> > axioms = more interpretations/models. Somehow less brain = more experience, 
> > or more intense and richer feeling of experience. This would make the brain 
> > being more a filter of consciousness than a producer of consciousness. 
> Hmmmmmmm……"less is more". Another of my favourite expressions. Please explain 
> the "Gallic connection" (connection galoise à laquelle tu pointe). I am 
> currently convinced that the brain "receives" the mind, much as a radio 
> receiver receives signal, so this makes INTUITIVE sense to me.

I assume he was referring to




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