On Thu, Mar 14, 2013  Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com> wrote:

> What does the popularity of porn and gossip have to do with the capacity
> of computers to think and feel?

I have no idea, but that's one of the best Zen Koans I've ever heard.

>>>> There is no other logical conclusion to make given the FACT that if
>>>> your brain chemistry changes your emotions change, AND if your emotions
>>>> change your brain chemistry changes.
>>> >>> So if I type comments on my computer and I see your answers on my
>>> computer, then there is no other logical conclusion to make than that you
>>> live in my computer.
>> >> In this lame analogy of yours what is the counterpart of my typing
>> into the computer, who the hell is typing into my brain?
> > John K Clark, who else?

So the correct answer to the question "Why does John K Clark do what he
does?" would not involve Quantum Mechanics or biochemistry or neurons or
genes or the environment or psychology or even cause and effect; according
to you the correct answer to the question "Why does John K Clark do what he
does?" is "Because of John K Clark". Wow, what a deep theory!

> consciousness can't be a byproduct of anything because it would be
> completely unexplainable and superfluous

It is in the very nature of byproducts to be superfluous, otherwise they
wouldn't be byproducts; and you can't explain a byproduct until you
explaine something else. You can't explain how a spandrel came to be until
you explain a arch and you can't explain consciousness until you explain

> no matter what you try to attach it to. It is completely implausible in
> every way.

You're telling me something is implausible?! Craig, you continue to insist
that X being not X and X being not not X makes perfect sense, and you say
that if changing X always changes Y and changing Y always changes X that
does not in any way mean that the change in X caused the change in Y.
Having thus inoculated yourself against the disease of logic you are
bewildered when I say you are not interested in finding the truth but
rather have first decided what you would prefer to be true and then
resolved to shut your eyes if something that contradicts your preference
should dare to enter your view. Therefore I will let you have the last word
on this thread when you reply to this message with one of your patented
"yeah but this this and this is conscious but that that and that is not and
I know this because I have free will".

  John K Clark

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