On Thursday, March 28, 2013 5:26:23 PM UTC-4, JohnM wrote:
> Stathis wrote:
> *"I also have a very simple and straightforward idea of free will: I
> exercise my free will when I make a choice without being coerced...."*
> *
> *
> And how do you know that you are *not* coerced? your mind works on both
> conscious and (sub-? un-? beyond-?) conscious arguments that 'influence' 
> (nicer, than 'coerced') your decisive process. Then again you may decide 
> to 
> 'will' against your best (or not-so-best?) interest - for some reason. You 
> even 
> may misunderstand circumstances and use them wrongly. 
> All such (and another 1000) may influence (coerce??) your free decision. 
> Continuing your sentence:

It's true that there are influences outside of your personal range of 
consciousness which contribute to our personal intentions, but who is to 
say that these sub-conscious or super-conscious influences are not also 
*ourselves*? As our personal awareness blurs out into countless 
semi-conscious interactions where we increasingly blend into the public 
infinity and private eternity, who is to say that our personal will doesn't 
influence those outlying resources as much as they influence us?

> *
> * "...I never said that the laws of physics deny the possibility of free 
> will,
> but free will is impossible if you define it in such a way as to be
> incompatible with the laws of physics or even with logic."*
> *
> *
> The "Laws" of physics are our deduction from the so far observed incomplete
> circumstances - they don't "allow" or "deny" - maybe explain at the level 
> of their
> compatibility. The "impossibility" of free will is not a no-no, unless it 
> has been 
> proven to be an existing(?) FACT (what I do not believe in).

Right on. I would further suggest however that free will doesn't exist in 
public physics, it insists through private physics.


> Logic is the ultimate human pretension, especially if not said 'what kind 
> of'. 
> John M

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