On 21 Apr 2013, at 18:44, John Clark wrote:

On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>> do you believe there is a small china teapot in orbit around the planet Uranus? There is not a scrap of evidence indicating the existence of such a teapot nor is there anything proving its nonexistence, so are you a teapot atheist or a teapot agnostic? Personally I'm willing to get off the fence and say I am a teapot atheist.

> As a scientist, I can only be a teapot agnostic. From current information I would say that the teapot theory is rather implausible.

And I would say that if there is no evidence for or against a theory that does not mean there is a 50% chance it is correct,


and if I judge that the theory was so implausible it does not warrant ware and tear on valuable brain cells with one more thought about it then I would call myself a teapot atheist without apology.

I would not even come with such a silly theory. But God is not a tea- pot. And many people who pretend to not believe in God, develop a religious belief in primary matter, which can also be a god, in the greek sense. Comp makes such god inconsistent or occam eliminable. Not so for the Plotinus' ONE, which with comp can be identified (with some precaution) with arithmetical truth.

>>> Atheism which is a variant of Christianism

>> And 2+2= 5 for extremely large values of 2.

> Atheism use the conception of God given by people using authoritative argument, and dismiss the talk of both the rationalist and the mystics. That's like the fundamentalist

Well OK, if you radically redefine the word "God" and radically redefine the word "atheism" and radically redefine the word "variant" and radically redefine the word "Christianity" then atheism is a variant of Christianity, just as 2+2=5 if you redefine the symbol "2" to mean 2.5 ; but the trouble is I'm not bilingual and am only familiar with the English language.

I use God in the original large sense of the greeks and many philosophers. You confirm to me that you are stuck in Christianism, like virtually all atheists.



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