On 5/1/2013 8:08 AM, John Clark wrote:

> I don't see how the two things are related.

If you believe that intelligence and consciousness are unrelated then logically there is no alternative, you must believe that Charles Darwin was wrong. I don't think Charles Darwin was wrong, I think Darwin was the greatest scientist who ever lived AND the discoverer (along with Alfred Wallace) of the most important philosophical fact of all time. Philosophers haven't discovered anything new in philosophy in thousands of years, but lots of other people have and the number one place goes to Darwin.

There is an alternative. It maybe that achieving intelligence via the evolutionary paths available to animals on Earth did entail consciousness. But evolution always has to work by modifying what exists. It's possible that there can be intelligent behavior, e.g. AI robots, that are not conscious or are "conscious" in some different way. In general this may not be testable, but we will still "bet" that they are because they act intelligently. But even though that is not testable we may learn a lot about intelligence and behavior and how the brain works as well as how AI can be achieved.


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