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        > How could a pseudo-religion, fake by definition, be superior to 

    Well, I'd rather be a fake moron that a real moron, wouldn't you?

        > And why should a religion be illogical?

    Because if it deals with big issues as religion does and it is not 
illogical then
    the word for that is not "religion" but "science".

Religion is a set of beliefs which cannot be proved. Science is a means by which one might arrive on such a set of beliefs. Life requires making decisions but as science never provides 100% certainty on any idea, science can never tell us what course of action is correct. For that we must fall back to our beliefs and hope our decision was right.

That's a very strange formulation? Yes, science is a means of arriving at a set of propositions that cannot be proved, but so is astrology and numerology and even just making stuff up. But science is right much more consistently than other methods and that's what distinguishes it - not the fact that it's not certain.

I'm not sure what you mean by religion provides beliefs which cannot be proved. Of course they are not part of an axiomatic system, so they cannot be proved or disproved in that sense. But they can certainly tested in the ordinary sense of "preponderance of the evidence". For example many religions include a belief that pious and sincere prayers will be answered. Double blind tests of this belief show it is not true. So maybe the reason they can't be proved is that they are false.

I don't think believing is just an act of will that can be applied to any proposition though, at least that's not what I'd call believing. You seem to implicitly assume that we need certainty in order to act - which is obviously not the case.

"All those canes, braces and crutches, and not a single glass eye, wooden leg, or 
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