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I don't think that requires a wave function collapse, it's explained by Everett's MWI also, which is a kind of non-local hidden variable.

Why non local? There is nothing non local in Everett's MWI.

Sure it is. When you take the trace of the density matrix over the environment to get a set of orthogonal subspaces that's a non-local, mathematical operation.

Local is about physical reality, not mathematical operation. The wave describing the physical (physicists included) evolves deterministically and locally. Non locality is in the (mathematical) appearances.

In an EPR type experiment the wave-function's evolution is not local. It changes over a space-like interval.

Only from the (first person plural) participators points of view, abstracting from the leaked information in the environment(s), a local, computable, phenomenon, at the correct dimensions.

?? The state exists in Hilbert space, not space-time. I depends on space-time variables which are space-like separate. So even in a MWI picture the state is not local and the change in state due to a measurement interaction doesn't propagate in space-time.

Eventually to make this precise you need to marry GR and the quantum, and 
that's not easy.

So will comp contribute to this?

Perhaps you are dreaming about building a non abelian anyonic
quantum computing machine through some fractional quantum Hall
effect? This is less elementary.
      --- Bruno Marchal

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