On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 4:54 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>> Well, a pseudo-religion is certainly superior to a full fledged religion,
>  > ?

Which word didn't you understand?

>> but a religion that is not illogical is not a religion,
> >  ?

Which word didn't you understand?

>> please explain to me exactly why a event without a cause is illogical.
>> What law of logic does it violate?
> > I think that you confuse false and inconsistent.

I believe I understand the distinction rather well, in one a proposition
comes into conflict with reality and in the other it just comes into
conflict with the logical system you've come up with and so its conceivable
that the problem could be with the logical system and not with the
proposition; although this is unlikely if you trust the system.

> An event without cause, assuming "cause" means something, might not be a
> problem for logic,

There is no "might" about it.

> but it is a problem for physics.

What problem is that? I don't understand why randomness is a bigger
physical problem than determinism, both cuckoo clocks and roulette wheels
coexist peacefully in our world.

> > it is poor explanation, if explanation at all.

It is a pure act of faith to assume that everything has a explanation, I
admit that is the correct default position to take whenever a scientist
encounters a new phenomenon because if you don't even look for something
you will never find it, but some things might have no explanation. Perhaps
we should count ourselves lucky that anything has a explanation. And before
anybody tries for the 9999'th time to freak me out by calling me religious
let me remind you that "God did it" is a explanation, a very bad and stupid
explanation but a explanation nevertheless. No explanation is vastly
superior to a idiotic explanation.

 John K Clark

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