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Good point. But replication would be a means for establishing reality. Perhaps, life reproducing sustains reality?

But why should the fact that some chemicals replicate instantiate reality? "Life" is really replication with evolution - if you don't include evolution then you could regard as crystals as replicating.

For me it's quite bizzare in the sense that it's non-intuitive. On the other hand it applies the observer as what or who establishes reality.

The decoherence account of (almost) deriving the classical world (aka "reality") from QM doesn't depend on observersexcept in the sense of devices with many degrees of freedom with states robust against entanglement with the environment.


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Interesting Dr. Marchal,
Do you hold that Dr. Robert Lanza and Bob Berman, may be on to something then? Lanza is a cell biologist, and Berman is an astronomer. They, together, came up with the theory of biocentrism, as the trigger to make probability real. That life, even at its simplest structures (bacteria) act as an observer to sense the universe, out of a cloud of probabilities swirling around us. That, life consciously, and unconsciously selects the physical cosmos. They have called it the Biocentrsm Theory. Maybe life is what causes the math to process as axioms, as programs (if you are a Stephen Wolfram fan?) to emerge from the great probability 'cloud.' Or, am I misunderstanding what you have intended? In both cases, yours, and theirs, there is no specific, physical universe, because it chrystalizes out of observation.

Except "life" is well modelled as chemistry and physics; so I don't see any gain in introducing replication as a foundational concept.


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