On Friday, July 12, 2013 10:49:20 PM UTC-4, Jason wrote:
> I think functionalism (or more specifically, computationalism) is the 
> currently leading theory of mind among cognitive scientists and 
> philosophers.  It is neither a materialistic, eliminativist, dualist, nor 
> idealist conception of mind.

Why isn't it dualist? You have the simulator (arithmetic truth, localized 
arbitrarily by spontaneous/inevitable Turing machine), and the simulated 
(an emergent non-arithmetic presence which appears magically within the 
simulation, for no reason).

Why isn't it idealist? Can computation be separated from ideal principles?

I think that most who subscribe to comp do so in an eliminativist way. 
Consciousness is seen as an epiphenomenon of unconscious computations.

As for Relativity, I don't really know what it can mean other than a 
context of sensory awareness in which one phenomenon is felt, seen, or 
otherwise experienced as being 'related' in some way. Relativity is already 
perception, or it is nothing.


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