On 8/18/2013 7:03 AM, John Clark wrote:
Once an AI develops super intelligent it will develop his own agenda that has nothing to do with us because a slave enormously smarter than its master is not a stable situation, although it could take many millions of nanoseconds before the existing pecking order is upended. Maybe the super intelligent machine will have a soft spot for his primitive ancestors and let us live, but if so it will probably be in virtual reality. I think he'd be squeamish about allowing stupid humans to live in the same level of reality that his precious hardware does; it would be like allowing a monkey to run around in an operating room. If Mr. Jupiter Brain lets us live it will be in a virtual world behind a heavy firewall, but that's OK, we'll never know the difference unless he tells us.

And how do we know that hasn't already happened. Oh, right - a lot of people already believe that. It's called "religion".


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