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>>> If there is an entity that remembers being me at time t1 then the me
> at time t1 survives. For example, if I fall asleep on a plane and wake
> up on another continent 8 hrs later, I have survived despite the time
> and space gap and despite the fact that the matter in metabolically
> active parts of my brain has changed. The principle is the same with
> larger discontinuities in time, space and matter.
> If you and Liz fall asleep on a plane and I come along and read your
> memories and put them in Liz, and take Liz's memories and put them in you,
> who;s who?

We swap bodies.

> What if I take your memory of being you and put it in Liz, without erasing
> her memory of being her, so that when she wakes up she remembers being her
> and being you? Who's she?
> Ultimately these are just discontinuities in space and matter.

We become one melded person. Ultimately, there are objective facts
about which body is where, which memories and other mental attributes
are attached to which body, but there are no objective facts about
personal identity.

Stathis Papaioannou

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