On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>> Forget Everett, forget Quantum Mechanics, even in pure Newtonian physics
>> subjective indeterminacy exists because of lack of information. If you knew
>> the exact speed things were moving at and the coefficient of friction and
>> the aerodynamic drag on the ball in a Roulette Wheel you could figure out
>> what number the wheel would produce, but you don't so the number is
>> indeterminate for you. Big deal.
> > You miss the nuance between the origin of the indeterminacies,

The origin of the indeterminacies is the random use of personal pronouns
with no clear referents by Bruno Marchal such that all questions like "what
is the probability "I" will do this or that?" become meaningless. Most of
the time it's OK to be sloppy with pronouns because the referents are
obvious, but NOT in philosophical discussions about the nature of personal

All that can be said is that from ANY point of view there is a 100% chance
the Helsinki man will turn into the Washington man, and a 100% chance  the
Helsinki man will turn into the Moscow man; so if "I" is the Helsinki man
then there is a 0% chance "I" will see either city because very soon "I"
will turn into something that is not "I".

>> You want me to give you a algorithm that can generate important
>> information with absolutely nothing to work with? I have no such algorithm.
> > If you don't have an algorihm,

The only algorithm I have or need is that from ANY point of view if the
Helsinki man sees Moscow then the Helsinki man will turn into the Moscow
man, and if the Helsinki man sees Washington then the Helsinki man will
turn into the Washington man. What else do you want to know?

> then, given that you have agreed that you will survive (not die) in that
> experience,

Yes I agree.

> and given that you have agreed all possibilities are lived as unique by
> the continuers,

Yes, I agree.

> > this confession means that you do agree there is an uncertainty.

Huh? Uncertainty about what?

> Please proceed to step 4,

No thanks.

> or explain why you do not want to proceed

Because step 3 sucks.

> In step 4, you are still read and annihilated in Helsinki, the
> information to build the copy are still sent to Washington and Moscow, but
> in Moscow the reconstitution is delayed for one year.

I don't see what a delay has to do with the price of eggs.

> What do you expect to live when pushing on the button

Who cares, expectations have nothing to do with identity or the sense of

  John K Clark

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