On 10/30/2013 9:30 PM, Jason Resch wrote:

      And if you manage to define a metric it will no more prove that any two 
people are
    the same than it would prove that Moscow is the same as Washington because 
there's a
    path between them.

If there is a computation which connects the perspectives of those two people,

According to Bruno the prespectives are supported by an infinity of computational threads. Suppose one of them connects the two perspectives and the (infinity-1) don't. Does that mean they are the same person? Am I the same person as the 5yr old Brent Meeker? Where is your proof that there is a computation connecting any two...what? perspectives haven't been defined yet.

and you identify a person with that computation, then the they are the same 

Bruno and John Clark, who seem to agree on very little, agree that a person is to be identified by his memories - which is not a computation.


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