On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 12:57 PM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> The prediction, asked in Helsinki, concerned the 1-views,
And John Clark asks "the prediction concerns the first person view of who?"
and Bruno answers "the first person view of you"  and John Clark asks "who
is you?" and Bruno answers "the guy with the first person view". And around
and around we go. Everybody has a 1P view, so just saying "from the 1P
view" tells me nothing unless I know the 1P view of who.

> >  the 1-you's experience admits a very simple definition: it is the story
> written in the diary that *you take with you, in Helsinki, in the
> teleportation box.

And the diary was written by you, no doubt about it, but the trouble is
after the teleportation there is a fellow in Moscow and a fellow in
Washington that are both holding identical diaries that they both vividly
remember having written. So how in hell can I now determine if a prediction
made in Helsinki before anybody stepped into a teleportation box about what
city "you" will see was correct or not? And just chanting for the 99'th
time "you confuse the 1P and the 3P" will not help on iota in making that

All I want is a way to figure out who "you" is so I can figure out if the
prediction about what city "you" will see was correct or not. Obviously
Bruno Marchal's old definition of "you", the one that actually made sense
("you" concerns the guy(s) who will remember having been in Helsinki)
simply won't do because it would render vast stretches of Bruno Marchal's
theory wrong. So what new definition is there that I can use to figure out
if predictions concerning "you" turned out to be true or not?

> >why am I the one with the experience (described in the diary):
> Why this one?

You are the Moscow man because you are the man who saw Moscow, and you are
the MMWWMWWMWWWWMMMMMM man because you are the man who saw
MMWWMWWMWWWWMMMMMM. And iterating silly questions will not bring clarity.

  John K Clark

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