On 11/12/2013 12:30 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
So you say that because the data was finally available against their will, they are good scientists that welcome the challenges and the scientific method?

They were not compelled, they agreed to provide the data after discussing whether there was an ethical way to deny it.

: Their practices tell absolutely the contrary. And the fact that their data leaked out is not in their merit, in the contrary. All what you mention of your past mail above is a self-confession that they are acting as a sect, not as scientists. including their conspirationism the we-against-the-bad-boys-outside, se sylencing of the exceptics inside, the common interest and all the marks of a corrupt collusion as never in history.

As human beings they were reluctant to provide hard earned data to those who had proved to mere critics - like you - with no interest but to spread doubt.

But this is nothing but a little aspect of all the Global Warming scam. But I will not waste my time with this shit.

Good that will save my time replying to shit.

I will laugh at you and will buy your beach houses that you for sure will shell for a bargain. Or not?

My house is 120' above a coastal plain.  It will be a beach house if FUD 


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