On 11/25/2013 10:36 PM, Samiya Illias wrote:
OK. But in that case I don't see any reason to think 'life' or 'the universe' has any purpose.

The more we learn about the universe the more it seems pointless.
   --- Steven Weinberg
Perhaps that is why we need to explore and evaluate the 'divinely revealed / inspired' books, in search of the point and purpose.

We don't know there are any such books, or any reason why there should be. Of course there are books that some people claim are the word of God, the same people who want to tell you how to eat your food, how to dress, how to treat your slave,... In other words, ignorant tribal lords.

There is too much 'precision-engineering' and 'order' in the observable / measurable 'chaos' to be 'self-evolved'.

How do you know that? Maybe it isn't self-evolvled; maybe it's selected by our existence as the kind of universe in which we can evolve and exist and speculate.

If there is a God behind all this, then perhaps there is much more we do not know about than just dark matter.

And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


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