On 12/2/2013 1:55 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

As one of my physics advisors, Jurgen Ehlers, used to say, "Before we can know whether a thing exists we must first know its properties."

Exactly. That is my main criticism of atheism. They have to believe in a rather precise notion of God to disbelieve in it.

And you criticize us for that!? My main criticism of you and theologians is that they want to take the fairly precise notion of God, the one that billions of people pray to and tithe to and strive to obey, try to stretch it and chop it to fit some rational philosophy, just so they and their close friends can say, "We believe in God rationally and so all those people are justified in continuing to believe in fairy tales; they just don't know what the fairy tale really is."

But the only God in which it is easy to disbelieve in, are the Fairy Tale notion of God. Atheism becomes equivalent with "I don't believe in fairy tales". Now I have tuns of books in theology, and I have not yet seen one defending fairy tales notion of Gods. (Except the free one given by Jehovah witness, which I don't read, except to measure the credulity exploited by their sects).

And except the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah - which are the fairy tales believed by billions of people, all but a tiny group of 'theologians' who also claim to believe them, but try to make the belief rational by redefining all the words in them - just as you redefine "God".


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