On 02 Dec 2013, at 21:40, meekerdb wrote:

On 12/2/2013 8:43 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
I'm sorry but we will have to agree we disagree on that. You're also misleading atheistic position, and you're wrongly attributing "belief" to atheist people (especially belgians)... I'm belgian, I'm not a materialist, I consider myself atheist in regards of religions, and that's what most atheist means when they say they are atheist.

Call it "ultimate reality". It is OK, until you grasp enough of comp to see that this rings a bit faulty.

There is no problem to call it "ultimate reality", as long as you are open it might have "personal" aspects, and have no prejudice on wht that "ultimate reality" can be (with this or that hypothesis).

Then you should have no prejudice toward accepting matter as the possible "ultimate reality".

I don't have any prejudice. I am just saying that IF comp is correct, then matter or the observable is given by some infinite sums on infinitely many universal numbers. And so it is testable, accepting the most standard definitions in the crossed fields.

It too might have personal aspect.

It sure has.

(It is, roughly, and plausibly, the nuance between Bp & Dt, (no first personal aspect) and Bp & Dt & p, p sigma_1 (first personal aspect))

They give arithmetical quantizations, and it is a technical difficulty to see if they emulate a quantum machine or not.

I have no prejudice at all. I am agnostic on both matter and god. I just try to put the pieces of the puzzle in the "correct place", assuming an hypothesis which helps for intuitive reasoning, and their translation in math.



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