The fundamental nature of reality is examined in detail in my recent book 
on Reality available on Amazon under my name.

Marchal is on the right track, but reality consists not just of numbers 
(math) but is a running logical structure analogous to software that 
continually computes the current state of the universe. Just as software 
includes but doesn't consist only of numbers and math, so does reality. In 
fact the equations of physical science make sense only when embedded in a 
logical structure just as is the case in computational reality.

Modern science has a major lacuna, the notion that all of reality is 
mathematical, that prevents science from grasping the complete nature of 
reality. In truth all of reality is logical, as is software, and the 
mathematics is just a subset of the logic. After all, modern science with 
its misguided insistence that all of reality is mathematical, has had 
nothing useful to say about the nature of either consciousness or the 
present moment, the two most fundamental aspects of experience. However I 
present a computational based information approach to these in my book 
among many other things.

The second clarification that needs to be made to the post on Marchal's 
work is that human math and logic are distinct from the actual math and 
logic that computes reality. The human version is a generalized and 
extended approximation of the actual that differs from the actual 
logico-mathematical structure of reality in important ways (e.g. infinities 
and infinitesimals which don't actually exist in external reality).

I can explain further if anyone is interested, or you can read about it in 
my book...

Edgar Owen

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