Replying to Liz and Jason in a new topic as they raised the important topic 
of the source of randomness that deserves a separate topic.

As I explain in my book on Reality, all randomness is quantum. There simply 
is no true classical level randomness. There is plenty of non-computability 
which is often mistaken for randomness but all true randomness at the 
classical level percolates up from the quantum level. 

At the fundamental computational level all computations are exact. However 
the way space can emerge and be dimensionalized from these computations is 
random which is the source of all randomness. This quantum level randomness 
can either be damped out or amplified up to the Classical level depending 
on the information structures involved.

To use Liz's example of how do computers generate random numbers, they 
don't in themselves. As Jason points out they draw on sources of (quantum) 
randomness from the environment, but the code the computer itself uses 
contains no randomness as the whole point of digital devices is to 
completely submerge any source of randomness because that would pollute the 
code and/or data.

Of course eventually everything, including computers, is subject to 
randomness and fails....


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