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> Dear Jason,
>   You seem to be ignoring the role of the transitory that is involved in
> the discussion here. The fact is that we are asking questions about things
> we are trying to understand. Merely stating that this is that ignores the
> point. Where doth change emerge if it does not exist at all?
>   This is my problem with Platonia, it has no explanation for the
> appearance of change. We can point at this or that (figuratively speaking)
> as an explanation, but the finger that points does not vanish upon
> alighting on the answer.

This is a problem that a lot of people have with the whole idea of a block
universe and related concepts, but the fact is that space+time can be
considered as a 4 dimensional block. This is most easily understood if you
consider the past. As generally understood, the past is a perfect model of
a block universe. I know there are some caveats about this - delayed choice
experiments, time symmetric physics and so on - but if we restrict
ourselves to what might be called a "layman's" conception of the past, it
is a perfect example of a block universe.

To take a concrete example, the Battle of Hastings is embedded in the "map
of the past" at the spatial location Hastings, and the temporal location
1066 A.D. To the people fighting the battle, it appears that time is
"flowing" - they don't know what the outcome will be, to them it's still
undecided. But we can see from our "superior" future perspective that the
whole thing is simply embedded in a 4D block of space-time, and the outcome
is already there, embedded in space-time in a futureward direction from the
battle. The whole thing is a frozen timescape, within which it appears to
the participants that time is flowing.

There is no reason to think that our present is any different. We see time
as flowing just as the people in 1066 did, and for the same reason: if
something is taking dfferent values along the time axis, e.g. a bird is
changing position by flying past my window, that something appears to

Watching a film in the cinema is another example of this, which is
especially clear if the film is on celluloid, or the modern equivalent
(it's a bit less clear perhaps if it's digital).

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